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Reno/Sparks Diesel

RENO SPARKS Diesel Car and Truck REPAIR

As Reno Sparks Diesel’s slogan says “If it has wheels, we can fix it!”

We specialize in all types of diesel car and truck repairs from complete engine rebuilds to oil changes and everything in between. We love to work with our customers to ensure their vehicles are working smoothly to ensure our customers spend more time on the road and less time in the shop.


Reno Sparks Diesel takes the time to educate all of their diesel customers on proper maintenance of their diesel car or truck. We take the time to walk each of our diesel customers through what to look out for and what to check.

General Car Maintenance and Repair

In addition to the specialty services Reno Sparks Diesel offers for your diesel engine we also maintain the rest of the components in your car or truck as well from electrical, alignments or mufflers Reno Sparks Diesel does it all!

Diesel repair services provided by Reno Sparks Diesel include:

  • Cylinder block assembly repair and replacement: this is the main component in your diesel engine. The cylinder block holds all the other components for your diesel engine together. Inside your cylinder block is the Mail Liner of the cylinder the water jacket and oil feed lines.
    • Cylinder / Main liner: this component can be difficult to detach for do-it-yourselfers. The cylinder is part of the combustion chamber that mixes the diesel fuel and air.
    • Water jacket: this a cooling sheath or “jacket” inside your diesel engine block.  The water jacket helps keep the cylinder block cool to prevent your vehicle from overheating.
    • Oil feed lines: the oil hole in the cylinder block is the life line of your diesel engine, and the oil feed ensures proper oil circulation between the cylinder block and surrounding liner.
  • Cylinder head assembly repair and replacement: the cylinder head assembly is located on the top of your diesel engine, similar to the cylinder block this piece consists of the camshaft, rocker arm, valve and spring and combustion chamber.
    • Camshaft: the camshaft presses the valve (below). Once the valve is pressed the intake or exhaust port will open.
    • Rocker Arm: the rocker arm presses on the valve when the “nok” hits the top of the rocker arm. This helps in opening the intake and exhaust door. FYI, the rocker arm can be either manual or automatic (hydraulic lash adjuster)
    • Valve and Spring: you may have seen this piece if you have ever looked under the hood while starting your diesel truck. This component opens and closes like a door to help maintain the proper intake and exhaust in your diesel engine.
    • Combustion Chamber: the combustion chamber in your diesel engine is a small space used for combustion. This combustion causes the fire used to push the piston.
  • Piston and connecting rod repair and replacement: the piston is what moves up and down in a diesel engine.  Proper maintenance of pistons is imperative to a diesel engines longevity.
    • Ring compression: these elastic rings work to prevent air leaks during the compression movement process.
    • Oil ring: this ring sits under the compression ring and prevents engine oil from entering the combustion chamber of your diesel engine.
    • Pin pistons: this tubular pin connects the piston with the connecting rod, if functions like a hinge once connected.
  • Crankshaft repair and replacement: the crankshaft is what converts the up and down motion of the piston into power for your diesel engine.
    • Crank pin: the crank pin in your diesel engine connects to the larger end of your connecting rod.
    • Crank journal: the crank journal is also a pin. It serves as a shaft to ensure the crankshaft spins properly. The journaling crank attaches to the cylinder block.
    • Weight balance: the weight balance is located opposite to the crank pin. Its purpose is to serve as a counterbalance to the crank pin as well as a drain for the oil on the other side of the diesel engine.
  • Connecting rod repair and replacement: the connecting rod is what connects the crankshaft and the piston in your diesel engine.
  • Sump repair and replacement: the sump holds some of your engines oil and surrounds the crankshaft in your diesel engine.
  • Oil pan repair and replacement: this is a special tub to hold your diesel engines oil.
  • Timing chain assembly repair and replacement: the timing chain assembly is in the valve mechanism system. It connects the crankshaft and the camshaft and ensures the proper angle. The chain connects the sprocket gear of the crankshaft with the sprocket gear in the camshaft.
  • Fly Wheel repair and replacement: the fly wheel’s basic function is to balance the speed of your diesel engine by storing torque.
  • Fuel System assembly repair and replacement: the fuel system assembly consists of the fuel tank injector. It supplies the diesel fuel to the combustion chamber. Reno Sparks Diesel can repair both conventional and common rail systems.
Reno Sparkds diesel engine repair and replacement
proper maintenance of diesel car or truck
Diesel engine repair services
Gas Car and Truck Maintenance and Repair


  • Routine Maintenance
  • Gas and Diesel Cars
  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Specialty Upgrades
  • Custom Upgrades
    • - Suspension lift
    • - Backup cameras
    • - Aftermarket Upgrades
    • - LED Headlight Replacements
    • - Power Running Boards
    • - Performance upgrades
    • - Performance tuning
  • Scheduled Services
  • Breaks
  • Bumper to Bumper Service
  • Foreign and Domestic Cars
  • Batteries
  • Engine Repair
  • Engine Rebuild
  • Transmissions
  • Mufflers
  • Alignments
  • Tires
  • Electrical Repair
  • Light Repair and Replacement
  • Air Conditioning and Heat repair and replacement
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