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Reno/Sparks Diesel

Diesel Generator Repair

As Reno Sparks Diesel’s slogan says “If it has wheels, we can fix it!”

We specialize in all types generators from the simple RV generator you pick up at Home Depot to a commercial generator and everything in between.


Reno Sparks Diesel takes the time to educate all of their customers on proper maintenance of their diesel generators. We take the time to walk each of our diesel customers through what to look out for and what to check.

Here at Reno Sparks Diesel we understand the importance of having your generator up and running. We always strive for same-day service whenever possible, but we do recommend you give us a call for an appointment to be sure.

Reno Sparks Diesel’s employees understand that you just “want it to work” we understand the investment involved in purchasing a generator and believe educating our customers can often solve a lot of problems before they happen.

If your generator isn’t working as well as it used to, don’t wait till it stops working.  Give Reno Sparks Diesel a call today to schedule an appointment for us to take a look. What could be a minor repair today may turn into a major repair tomorrow.

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